The nymph and the maniac

I knew we found love at 5 AM. Our short phone call had turned into 6 hours long. You had to get up in a few hours but you stayed on the phone with me all night. My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard into my cell phone and my eyes were drooping and I couldn’t stop yawning but my heart was wide awake.

I knew we found love under a frozen sky. My lips were frosty and chapped, but you still kissed me anyway. I could see our passionate frantic breaths between each kiss, your spit froze onto my face but I couldn’t care less. I was blushing, but I don’t think you could tell because we were so flushed from the cold.

I knew we found love the day I met your family. At dinner they kept asking me questions and I was so nervous that I could barely even respond. My hand was shaking so hard that you held it under the table to calm me down. When they weren’t looking you mouthed “I love you” to me and without hesitation I mouthed it back.

I knew we found love during our first fight. My mouth was sore from screaming and my eyes stung from the tears that trickled endlessly down my face. You wrapped your arms around me so tightly that I wasn’t sure where I started and you began. You softly whispered I’m sorry into my ear and I frowned. Not because I was still angry about what happened, but because I knew no matter what you did, I’d always be yours.

I knew we found love, when you touched me in a way that no one else had before. Your hands wandered across me, as if you knew exactly where they needed to be. Your dilated pupils looked at me through the dark and shimmered. You grinned. There was no turning back.

I knew I lost love, when you wiped the tears off my cheek, and the only word that left my mouth was “stay”. I watched you walk away into the street from my window, I slid down the wall and felt my heart slowly stop. Everything was dark and cold. I wanted you so bad. It’s just the feelings were still there but you weren’t.

—(H.S) losing you (via dumbdaisies)

Siiiim isso isso isso hahahahaah

Stanley Kubrick ^^

Putaria é sempre bom :3 então, the nymph and the maniac quase foi o nome de um filme do meu diretor favorito, e esse nome me lembrou MUITO um rolo meu com uma garota, além de ser massa ele ter separado nymphomaniac em dois personagens diferentes, muitos motivos pra eu gostar da url hahahahah

Maybe you are, you never know

HAUAHAUAHAU eu acho que ainda não to bêbada o suficiente


Relativa all the way

Então combinado


Vem conversar comigo por favor eu vou ficar muito feliz por falar com você não tenha vergonha!!

Eu posso fazer isso!! Acho que não é muito confortável tho, você se importa?


Eu to respirando, já é um grande passo fnskfndk e você, como ta?

Eu to bêbada dont joke about that pq talvez eu faça mesmo